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Meet The Stakeholders

The PETNA Foundation undertakes to provide funding to McMaster in relation to its role in the capacity-building initiatives at TAMCC and in accordance with an agreement entered into between McMaster University and PETNA Foundation. read more 
The Government of Grenada agrees to provide funding sufficient to cover local costs associated with renewed institutional infrastructure and a new learning commons at TAMCC. read more 
The McMaster University/ MacPherson Institute for Innovation and Excellence in Teaching and Learning has formalize the educational and curriculum development interventions and is leading the transfer of expertise that will help enable TAMCC to build and sustain the program long term. read more 
T.A. Marryshow Community College is a publicly funded institution established to provide tertiary level training in the tri-island state of Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique. As a national institution benefiting from public funding, the College is dedicated to expanding and enriching educational opportunities for all citizens to enhancing the overall development of the nation. . read more

Latest News

Faculty Development at TAMCC

The Faculty Development Committee of TAMCC with the support of McMaster University continues to create change by improvi...

President Search Update - March 2018

The search for the new President continues. Many of you met with the consultant in January to express your ideas and ask...

Curriculum Committee Activities Report

The Curriculum Committee continues its work on the preparation of documents to guide the quality assurance process at TA...

Quality Assurance and its Relevance to TAMCC

What is Quality Assurance and what is its relevance to the T.A.Marryshow Community College as an institution? The conce...

Carriacou Campus gets Updates on Tamcc/McMaster University Transformation Initiative

Meeting was held with faculty/staff at the Carriacou Six Roads campus to provide information and updates about the TAMCC...

Thirteen Faculty Trained in ISW

Another cohort of thirteen (13) faculties trained in ISW. Training was facilitated by David Ambrose, Lisa Charles, Vanes...

Meet the Committee Members

  • Lisa Francis-Charles

    Lisa Francis-Charles

    Faculty - SCE

    Ms Francis-Charles is a member of the Faculty Development Committee

  • Vanessa Whiteman

    Vanessa Whiteman

    Faculty - SASPS

    Ms Whiteman an ISW Certified Trainer on the Faculty Development Committee

  • Selma Thomas

    Selma Thomas

    Faculty - SCE

    Ms Thomas is a member of the Faculty Development Committee

  • David Ambrose

    David Ambrose

    Faculty - SASPS

    Mr Ambrose an ISW Certified Trainer on the Faculty Development Committee

  • Gloria Lewis

    Gloria Lewis

    Faculty - SASPS

    Ms Lewis is an ISW Certified Trainer on the Faculty Development Committee

Upcoming Events

ISW Training
23 May 2018
08:00AM - 05:00PM

ISW Training
06 Jun 2018
08:00AM - 05:00PM

ISW Training
13 Jun 2018
08:00AM - 05:00PM

What we are doing

What we are saying

It is the responsibility of each of us to be an agent of change. But we cannot be that agent if we are not willing to change our thinking. The fact is that the social and cultural make up of TAMCC is shifting. We must let go of the "we have always done it this way mentality" and let new ideas flow and the progress continue."
David Fleming
Interim Vice President for Academic & Student Affairs

What do you think?

Good information at meetings


This has been a learning experience for me. I discovered a lot about TAMCC. I believe everyone wants to see change in the curriculum and we are moving forward with that purpose.

Michael Noel // Curriculum Committee

I believe that progress is synonymous with change, therefore, I see this opportunity that TAMCC has embarked on as progress; a step in the right direction.

Keisha Thompson // Student Engagement Committee